Monday, September 14, 2009

Think Happy Thoughts

Despite feelings of overwhelming sadness/hopelessness (things for another post, another day), I am going to compose a cheery, pleasant post in hopes that by reflecting on the positive aspects of my life I'll actually get some sleep on this dark and stormy night.

  • *I made BYU's Concert Choir this year! It's a select ensemble of 80 mixed voices (20 per part) under the direction of my favorite woman in all the world, Sister Hall. It's a thrill to perform with such experienced, disciplined choral singers and the music we create everyday is truly spectacular.

  • *I have the most splendorous friends. They keep me centered, sane, and, at times, LITERALLY act as flotation devices when I find myself drowning emotionally, my darkest and messiest moments for sure. Can I also just add how incredibly hilarious and brilliant they are? Writers, actors, artists, comedians, world travelers, web guys... so freakin' talented indeed! One bestie in particular makes me happier than I've ever been, and we have three wonderful months left to enjoy each others' company before he graduates from BYU and enters Grad school. Three whole months! (The glass is half full! Yes it is! Half full! Half...full...)

  • *I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I have muscle definition, have formed delicious abs, and after trimming my leg and arm hair (I know, right?), tanning, and dressing how I've always wanted to dress (namely, H&M, Forever XXI, Express, Nordstrom Rack, and many, many more!), I've never felt sexier.

  • *I love my job. I get paid $12/hr to speak Korean and, on good days, watch Hulu videos. Plus, my co-workers, Roger and Adam, have become so dear to my heart. And did I mention the perks of working for NuSkin? The occasional free movie ticket, company party at Lagoon, team breakfast, and all the free beauty products a gay boi could dream of -- and that's saying something!

  • *I have seen more good movies and listened to more great music in the last year than I did in my previous years combined! I've been exposed to a whole new world of entertainment and art through my gay friends, and as a result, I've never felt more inpired to be an artist.

  • *I've come out to my mother, a life-changing event to say the least. It has strengthened our relationship for sure, and given me yet another outlet for comfort and support.

  • *I discovered Kristen Wiig (see photo) and haven't been the same since. Don't fret, baby, my hands are paralyzed too.

  • *I have accepted myself and, in turn, have come to truly love myself. I may not fully know who that self is yet, or where I am going, but I have come to finally embrace me for me and I've never felt more self-assured and, as odd as it seems, powerful.

  • *For the past year of my life I have experienced the unmatched joys of true love and companionship.

Yay for happy thoughts! Now I'm going to put on one of my favorite movies (Ratatouille or ESotSM?) and drift peacefully off to sleep.