Friday, December 4, 2009

For my birthday...

I think I'll cry myself to sleep, thank you very much. Not entirely because I'm sad, but because I'm grateful beyond words.

For a year that brought so much unrestrained joy.
For a year that proved even my life isn't all that bad.
For a year that taught me who I really am and who I'm
definitely not.
For a year that gave me a best friend.
For a year that provided me the strength to say "I'm gay and that's okay."
For a year that made me buff.
For a year that pushed me creatively, intellectually and
For a year that allowed me space and freedom.
For a year in a queen sized bed.
For a year in love.
For a year in the BYU choirs (especially Concert Choir).
For a year of watching Kristen Wiig videos.
For a year of clubbin' and gettin' my freak on.
For a year of Cat Deeley.
For a year of hot springs and road trips.
For a year of starving student cards and shared meals.
For a year of cute underwear and new shoes.
For a year of spooning.
For a year of Britney's comeback and Gaga's ascent.
For a year of long, tight hugs.
For a year with you in my life. Yes, you.

A part of me is also rather disheartened this night-- I've been feeling kind of distant and lonely lately. I think it's the end of the semester and the prospect of change that gets me in a funk, but I'm hoping today will be different. Day 1 of Year 23. There's no better time to refresh than Day 1.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jack-Jack. Your list made me happy too! (And between you and me, thats saying something..... Im Dumbledore all the sudden. Well, we have one thing in common.)

boskers said...

Happy Birthday!

Bravone said...

Happy Day Jack-Jack!

BB said...

Happy birthday and Day 1 is a great way to begin. I firmly believe that taking a look back can be helpful. I hope those tears of Joy proved useful!