Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Maybe I'll just be a songwriter..."

Admittedly, I've only managed to compose three or four complete songs, but I've written pages and pages of others! Some dreadful, others promising, a rare few are (in my humble opinion) quite special. As soon as I sit down with my guitar or at the keyboard to compose the tune however, I hit a wall. But the second I'm up and about, showering, mowing the lawn, doing laundry, etc., I can't keep up with myself! Unique and wonderful melodies began swirling around my head, but by the time I'm in a position to record the music, it has escaped me.

Only recently did I resurrect my voice recording tool on my computer and it has quickly become my new favorite toy. To sit in the bathroom (the acoustics are better there) with my mic hooked up to the computer and to just belt out whatever tune I'm working on is quite thrilling. If it sucks right off, I can start over, but I try to record everything. Then I'll play it back and cringe at the poor quality, but rejoice in the possibilities!

So far, I've only recorded two songs, but I don't feel confident to post them yet. Maybe I'll invest in legit recording software someday. In the meantime, I wanted to share one of my more recent song lyrics I penned in church one day. It's tentatively called "Break Me" and is still in its rough, unedited draft.

Naked, weary and cold,
I am a passenger
on this unforgiving road.
I fumble, I falter, I fail,
I've become a stranger
to myself.

With no where else to fall
I fall to my knees
With no one else to call on
I call out, pleading

Break me, Father,
Into nothing.
Please start over,
Make me something.
Pull me apart
At the seams,
It won't be hard,
My body's weak.
Break me harder,
I'm used to the pain.
Break me, Father,
and start over again.


Bravone said...

Beautiful. Would you mind shooting me an email? I'd like to see if you might be willing to share your talents. I'll explain more.


boskers said...

Haha, Jack-jack! Bravone's gonna try to recruit you!


I forgot that you wrote music, too. That's awesome!

Mark Johnson said...

Love you, man. That was absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I never told you cause I was going to in person, but your lyrics are really wonderful. Good stuff Jack-Jack. You so talented.